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27 Feb 2023

Electric Vault Announces New Principal — Bruce Jeong

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5 Sep 2022

Another step in development — hardfork of ELCASH

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19 Jan 2022

In wELCASH We Trust. The Wrapped Token Is Now in Binance’s Official Wallet

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8 Dec 2021

wELCASH is Finally Here. An Innovative Token to Connect Users to the World of DeFi

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26 Oct 2021

It’s time for something new — ELCASH has a new official website!

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22 Oct 2021

Crypto Expo Dubai 2021 — report from the event

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16 Sep 2021

The one-stop-shop: Electric Wallet Pro enhances user experience

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14 Sep 2021

ELCASH to Showcase its Innovations at Crypto Expo Dubai 2021

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9 Aug 2021

Electric Cash’s new Whitepaper is on the way

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9 Jul 2021

Blockchain buzzwords: impress others with your knowledge!

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17 Jun 2021

Crypto mining facilities: the world’s hot spots

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1 Jun 2021

Network Layering: the solution to high transaction fees

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