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Fast, flexible, and transparent cryptocurrency payments are within your reach. Try Electric Cash and experience digital assets that the world loves.

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How it works?
Discover the first Proof of Work cryptocurrency with built-in Governance and Staking capabilities. Get Governance Power and use it to vote on decisions that influence the ecosystem. Help shape the future of the protocol! If you want to know something more about ELCASH,
Store ELCASH, earn rewards and contribute to the future growth of the network.
We give you the power to participate in the decision-making process through voting and creating your improvement proposals.
Fast transactions
Designed to serve as global digital cash, ELCASH ensures fast transfers and transactions that are free for stakers.
Electric Cash Roadmap


Q4 2020

Launch of Electric Cash (ELCASH) pre-mining

Q1 2021

Listing ELCASH on crypto exchanges

Launch of official website, blockchain explorer, Whitepaper and desktop wallet



Q2 2021

Electric Wallet mobile app (iOS & Android)

Q3 2021

Electric Wallet Pro release (iOS & Android)



Q4 2021

wELCASH – BEP-20 token representing ELCASH on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain.

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