Eyal Avramovich

Eyal Avramovich likes problems. That’s because the opportunity allows him to find solutions.

And finding innovative solutions to life’s problems is what keeps Eyal motivated.

Ever since he can remember, Eyal has been passionate about technology and business. His projects have seen him travel around the world looking for the best partners for his ventures. He spent time in China, to be close to manufacturing when he was selling the world’s thinnest scales, and phone chargers.

He travelled to Europe where he started developing the world’s most luxurious micro electric vehicle. The tandem-style automobile has been featured in publications around the globe.

In Central Asia, he struck deals to operate commercial-scale crypto mining farms, which was ahead of the global movement to move operations to the region.

Irrespective of his location, throughout the years, Eyal kept his finger on the pulse of the biggest revolution in global finance: cryptocurrencies. From the moment he discover Bitcoin and the proof-of-work mining protocols, he knew that he would build a business empire.

He first founded MineBest, a leader in the Bitcoin mining sector. Over the years, the company grew to operate over a dozen farms with a large amount of miners. A team of professionals ensures that the specialized computers are always running smoothly and at optimal performance.

In 2019, Eyal co-founded Bitcoin Vault (BTCV), the first cryptocurrency which allowed transactions to be reversed within 24 hrs. A custom wallet protocol gave users the peace of mind that their funds are hack- and theft-resistant.

He followed a few years later with Electric Cash (ELCASH), a project which democratized the space. Holders could vote on the future of the project based on the number of coins they held. ELCASH also introduced a number of DeFi solutions to the SHA-256-based coins, including staking, wrapping and other innovations.

When not busy with his business, Eyal enjoys watching SCI-FI movies and eating fine cuisine.